Forklift Truck OFS increases Lesotho footprint.

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FTOFS continues to serve neighbouring country

Lesotho, our neighboring country encircled by South Africa’s Free State, Kwa-Zulu Natal and Eastern Cape provinces provides a network of rivers and mountainous ranges flowing throughout the land, but where there is beauty comes brawn. Forklift Truck OFS has long been providing services within the Lesotho region, with Maseru, Mafeteng, Quthing and Maputsoe increasing their industrial equipment needs yearly, which means we have been needed to step up our game as well.

We are extremely happy to have added a couple more units to our existing and new customer base this year. The likes of CTM Maseru stepping out of the past and into the future with the purchase of their all-new advanced tech 8FBN25 electric forklift, the latest in electrically powered lifting equipment surge past the rest of its competitors, with longer operating time, higher water and rain resistance and even quicker charging times. Shoprite Checkers and Formosa Textiles another couple of our recent customers are sticking with and going for the more traditional diesel-powered forklifts from our 1.8 up – 3.0 ton capacities to make moving and lifting their products a breeze.


There are several other smaller businesses all across Lesotho that are looking at growing themselves and are slowly but surely moving towards having the premier quality lifting equipment brand taking care of them. We are extremely happy that we have been given this opportunity and we look forward to continuing to supply the best products and services within central South Africa. We are excited to see the growth so far and foresee a lot more potential in the time to come.

Our field service technicians have their passports ready are in the area 2-3 times a week and within a 2 hour turn-around time in emergency situations, we can be right on the Basotho doorstep.

Whether it’s a need for parts, services or breakdowns Forklift Truck OFS is there for you.

National Heritage Day Toyota Forklift

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Toyota Forklift RSA

Heritage-Day Toyota Forklift.

On the 24th of September every year, Heritage day, South Africans across our rainbow nation come together to celebrate the culture and diversity of our nation. South Africans celebrate this day by remembering the heritage of the many different cultures that make up our land. Numerous events are set up on the day and most of the population part take in their very own ‘’braai’’ and since the occasion, most locals have redubbed the National Heritage day name into National Braai day or Braai4Heritage.

To commemorate the occasion, Forklift Truck OFS have taken one of their 8FD25 8 Series Toyota Forklifts and fitted it with a custom-designed very local and very lekker, proudly South African paint job.

The cabin is kitted with the bands of red and blue which is separated by the central green. Custom lettering and even a bright set of red forks and a yellow backrest were also fitted to complete the overall look.

Pick ‘n Pay Hyper Fichardt Park renews Toyota forklifts

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Pick 'n Pay Hyper Fichardt Park renews Toyota forklifts


For decades, Pick n Pay Hyper has provided the best products and brands to South African consumers. However, what we as everyday South Africans might not be aware of , is what happens behind the stores bakery and butchery or what can be found beyond the towering shelves. Just outside, at the back of these stores, lines of trucks are ready to offload the latest and freshest batch of products.

Around 20 years ago the Pick ‘n Pay Hyper in Fichardt Park, Bloemfontein started off with a pair of 6 series Toyota forklifts. These workhorses were used daily assisting with the offloading, re-stacking and “longer distance” moving of the stock on the premises. Having well skilled operators and regular maintenance proved to be invaluable, as these two Toyota’s truly did stand the test of time. With a little over 50 000 collected hours on the two forklifts, it was time to exchange the 6 series Toyota’s and replace them with newer units, the 8 Series 1.8 ton Toyota forklift.

On the 23rd of August 2016 a new era dawned for Pick ‘n Pay Hyper in Fichardt Park as Forklift Truck OFS delivered the two new 8 Series 1.8 ton Toyota Forklifts. As the truck lowered down the new equipment, the operator’s faces filled with joy, for them who spend most of their day behind a Toyota Forklift steering wheel it was an exciting time. Their joy at the arrival of the new Toyota Forklifts added a sentimental feel to the occasion.

Here’s to another 20 years of Toyota forklifts lifting Pick ‘n Pay from strength to strength.

New Range of Backhoe Loaders for Africa

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Bobcat-B570 featured

Bobcat-backhoe-loaderBobcat has launched a new range of backhoe loaders for sale in markets in the Middle East and Africa. Comprising four models – the B700, B730, B750 and B780 – the new Bobcat backhoe loader range offers a choice of different specifications for diverse applications in construction, utility, rental, roadworks, demolition, excavation, landscaping and agriculture.

All four models are powered by the Perkins 1104C-44T 4.4 l engine with direct fuel injection and a best-in- class output of 74,5 kW of power at 2 200rpm and maximum torque of 408Nm at 1 350rpm. The Perkins engine features a high-quality filtration system for longer life, and its single-side service components mean that maintenance and daily checks are easy to carry out as they are on the rest of the machine.

The units come with a standard two-year powertrain warranty .

There is a choice of four-speed synchroshuttle, powershift or auto powershift transmissions in the different models to meet various applications including those requiring a significant amount of directional changes on site. Gear shifts are smooth and precise and help to maximise fuel efficiency. This is combined with a top speed of 40km/h and extra added features/options such as return to dig, ride control and more for increased productivity.

All the models have an open centre hydraulic system and are equipped with tandem gear pumps with high flow capacities of 136l/min in the B700 and 154l/min in the B730, B750 and B780 models, respectively. An unloader valve is featured as standard on all the models as is the electrohydraulic differential lock, with a limited slip differential being used on the B730 and B750 models. All the new Bobcat backhoe loaders are supplied with class-leading Michelin tyres.

The B700 and B730 offer a choice of an open canopy or an enclosed cab, while the B750 and B780 are all equipped as standard with an enclosed cab. The cab is easy to enter/exit; has a fully adjustable operator’s seat with all the controls within close reach, leading to less fatigue through greater comfort and more productivity; a tiltable steering column; a high performing optional HVAC system and excellent all-round visibility for the operator.

The driver also benefits because they can learn to operate the loaders very quickly, with simple, ergonomic controls, clear dashboard layouts and audible and visual warnings for guidance. All four backhoe loaders are very manoeuvrable and they can easily negotiate obstacles on job site.

The B700 is an entry-level machine which includes many of the features of the next model in the range, the B730 – it is driven via a synchroshuttle transmission; it has ‘Cab and Canopy’ and ‘2WD or 4WD’ options; and it has a single loader bucket cylinder with a full cylinder diameter to increase breakout force and reduce maintenance costs with fewer hoses and fittings.

The B730 is driven through a standard powershift transmission, and controlled by mechanical levers – this model is equipped with 18 inch front tyres and has 2-wheel steer. Double loader bucket cylinders provide superior breakout force and reduce maintenance costs by using a bolt type cylinder head design. The B750 has the same features as the B730, except for 20 inch front tyres and a hydraulic joystick control system.

The B780 has the same features as the B750 and is driven through a standard auto powershift transmission, producing a highly manoeuvrable, 4 equal-sized wheel backhoe loader that can be steered using three different modes: 2-wheel steer, 4-wheel steer and crab steer.

The low-effort loader joystick controls in the B750 and B780 provide precise control and comfort to enable operators to work for longer periods and increase productivity.

Ground clearances of 385 mm in the B780 and 400 mm in the B700, B730 and B750, together with a 25° back ramp angle, provide excellent climbing performance over steep slopes.

Bobcat backhoe loaders are designed to provide easy and quick access to the engine compartment and other locations to service and maintain components at ground level by simply removing the side panels. Refuelling of the tanks is also accomplished from ground level and the tanks are protected with a lock matching with the ignition key.

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Toyota launches three new products


Toyota launches three new products

Toyota Industrial Equipment introduced several new products to its customers and dealers this month including a new Reach Truck, a new 80-Volt Electric and a High-Capacity IC forklift.

The latest product launch culminates months of product development, with eight new Toyota models and services introduced in the last two years.

New Reach Truck

Toyota’s new Reach Truck, available in 2,500 -4,500 lb. capacities, features more than 500 engineering changes to increase quality, reliability and durability. The new forklift includes extended service intervals and an increased powertrain warranty of 3 years / 6,000 hours.

“With the increasing demand for warehouse products, the timing was right for a new Reach Truck,” said Toyota’s Director of Product Planning, Technical Services and Warranty Cesar Jimenez. “During field trials, customers noticed increased performance, operators competed over who got to drive it, and warehouse managers loved the quality.”

Orders begin now with first customer shipments in early December.

New 80-Volt Electric

Toyota’s new 80-Volt Electric forklift is available in 4,000 – 7,000 lb. capacities. Designed to work outdoors, 80-Volt forklifts offer reduced maintenance, improved ergonomics and increased productivity, and are proven to have twice the run time as 36- and 48-volt models.

“Toyota’s AC technology combined with 80-Volt power creates an electric forklift that rivals an Internal Combustion truck,” said Toyota’s Electric Product Planning and Product Support Manager Scott Carlin.

Orders begin next month and production begins in the first quarter of 2016. Click here to watch a video of Toyota’s new 80-Volt Electric forklift.

New High-Capacity IC Forklift

Toyota’s new High-Capacity IC forklift, available in 22,000 – 72,000 lb. capacities, is made for ports, lumber, oil and gas, and any other industries where high-capacity forklifts are used.

“Toyota’s new High-Capacity IC forklifts demonstrate to our customers that Toyota is truly committed to its role as a full-line supplier and solutions partner.” Said Toyota’s Special Product Sales Manager Alan Dotts.

First orders begin now with first customer shipments in December. Click here to watch a video of Toyota’s new High-Capacity IC forklift.

About Toyota Industrial Equipment

Proudly manufactured in the United States, Toyota Industrial Equipment offers a full line of material handling solutions including forklifts, automated guided vehicles, fleet management services and tow tractors. Toyota’s commitment to quality, reliability and customer satisfaction, the hallmark of the Toyota Production System, extends throughout more than 220 locations in North America. For more information, visit