Toyota Forklift RSA

Heritage-Day Toyota Forklift.

On the 24th of September every year, Heritage day, South Africans across our rainbow nation come together to celebrate the culture and diversity of our nation. South Africans celebrate this day by remembering the heritage of the many different cultures that make up our land. Numerous events are set up on the day and most of the population part take in their very own ‘’braai’’ and since the occasion, most locals have redubbed the National Heritage day name into National Braai day or Braai4Heritage.

To commemorate the occasion, Forklift Truck OFS have taken one of their 8FD25 8 Series Toyota Forklifts and fitted it with a custom-designed very local and very lekker, proudly South African paint job.

The cabin is kitted with the bands of red and blue which is separated by the central green. Custom lettering and even a bright set of red forks and a yellow backrest were also fitted to complete the overall look.