Pick ‘n Pay Hyper Fichardt Park renews Toyota forklifts

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Pick 'n Pay Hyper Fichardt Park renews Toyota forklifts


For decades, Pick n Pay Hyper has provided the best products and brands to South African consumers. However, what we as everyday South Africans might not be aware of , is what happens behind the stores bakery and butchery or what can be found beyond the towering shelves. Just outside, at the back of these stores, lines of trucks are ready to offload the latest and freshest batch of products.

Around 20 years ago the Pick ‘n Pay Hyper in Fichardt Park, Bloemfontein started off with a pair of 6 series Toyota forklifts. These workhorses were used daily assisting with the offloading, re-stacking and “longer distance” moving of the stock on the premises. Having well skilled operators and regular maintenance proved to be invaluable, as these two Toyota’s truly did stand the test of time. With a little over 50 000 collected hours on the two forklifts, it was time to exchange the 6 series Toyota’s and replace them with newer units, the 8 Series 1.8 ton Toyota forklift.

On the 23rd of August 2016 a new era dawned for Pick ‘n Pay Hyper in Fichardt Park as Forklift Truck OFS delivered the two new 8 Series 1.8 ton Toyota Forklifts. As the truck lowered down the new equipment, the operator’s faces filled with joy, for them who spend most of their day behind a Toyota Forklift steering wheel it was an exciting time. Their joy at the arrival of the new Toyota Forklifts added a sentimental feel to the occasion.

Here’s to another 20 years of Toyota forklifts lifting Pick ‘n Pay from strength to strength.