BT Pro Lifter

Hand pallet truck, 2.3 ton

The BT Pro Lifter requires up to 67% less starting effort than a standard hand pallet truck.

Thanks to its unique Pro Start Technology (PST), a quick pump-action of the tiller arm transfers power to the truck’s steering wheels which then turn a third of a revolution to overcome inertia and get the user on their way.



  • Unique option for heavy duty applications an easy positioning.
  • A connection between the tow bar and the steering wheels transfers the force from the pump stroke to the wheel to get the truck started.
  • The Quick Lift is the best ergonomic choice, because the number of pump strokes are reduced.
  • With over load limitation you protect the truck floors from being over loaded.
  • This unique Pro Lifter pump can be assembled on any length or width on a LHM230 including reel drum handling.
  • Intended for indoor applications.
  • This product has been environmentally declared.