Electric Walker LPE240

Pedestrian Pallet Truck

The ORION Range with modern styling is ideally suited for high-performance applications regarding dock loading / cross-docking / transportation.

LPE240 is an extremely fast, robust and strong truck. The chassis width is only 790mm for optimal handling in tight areas.



  • The comfortable steering arm, with its modern design, facilitates one hand operation — either left or right hand. Can be equipped with power assisted steering. The display on the handle gives useful information.
  • The BT POWERDRIVE system. The unique integration of contactless controls, CAN-Bus communication and a separately excited drivemotor gives many advantages. The contactless controls give smooth and
    effortless driving. The CAN-Bus communication provides quick, reliable transmission and only a few communication cables are needed. The separately excited drivemotor allows easy programming of its performance — top speed, acceleration and automatic speed reduction — to suit the application.
  • Choice of having PIN Code (up to 100) instead of key. Provides access control. Each code can store individual parameters to meet the driver’s skill / environment.
  • Regenerative braking, energy back to the battery.
  • Integrated spring loaded, foldable platform together with stable and comfortable gates provides safe high speed operation and maximum efficiency.
  • The truck is equipped with POWERTRAK drive unit configuration — a BT patent. The drive wheel pressure is constantly adjusted due to the weight of the load. The result is excellent stability, optimal traction
    and steering force.
  • High battery capacities — two different easy access battery compartments with battery exchange both upwards and sideways — for multishift operations.
  • Totally greasable lift- and drive system.


Pedestrian Pallet Truck