Electric 8FBE ( 3 Wheeler Forklift )

1,0 to 2,0 Ton

From the versatility of the latest control technology to the comfort and operability delivered by our ergonomically designed operator compartment, Toyota’s 7FBE redefines 3-wheel electric forklift quality and productivity.

Just look at a sampling of the maneuverability, reliability/durability and easy service access features our 3-wheel electrics offer.


  • Toyota SAS monitors key forklift operations, detecting and counteracting instability to help reduce the risk of tip-overs
  • When it senses instability, the Active Control Rear Stabiliser locks the rear axle to help reduce lateral tip-overs
  • Active Mast Function Controller senses and reacts to instability by limiting mast angle and speed according to the load’s height and weight
  • High-mounted Rear Combination lights
  • Deadman Switch (optional).
  • Fully oil-charged lift cylinder
  • Double-action parking brake
  • High-strength carriage and mast rollers
  • Twin drive motors
  • Twin hydraulic non-asbestos disc brakes
  • Low profile heavy-duty side panels.
  • Compact yet powerful AC Motors dramatically improve both travel and load handling performance to a level that approaches that of internal combustion forklifts
  • Toyota’s advanced SIT technology with rapid micro-controller (MCS-IIIA):
    • Customise without compromise
    • Digital display with multi-function hour meter and back-lighting
    • Built-in analyser and self-diagnostics
  • Wide-view mast with industry-leading visibility
  • Tight turning radius and excellent gradability
  • Ramp start function
  • Excellent traveling and lifting speeds.
  • Ergonomically configured controls
  • 4-way adjustable Operator Restraint Suspension seat
  • Rack and pinion hydrostatic power steering
  • Tiltable steering column
  • Fingertip directional control lever
  • Operator assist grip
  • Outstanding foot and head room.
  • No motor brushes or contactors on the AC Power provides for significant reductions in parts and labour costs for maintenance
  • Easy-access pump motor and pump steering motor
  • Built-in analyser and self-diagnostics for pinpoint troubleshooting
  • No-tool floorboard with non-slip surface
  • 89-degree wide-opening battery hood with assist damper
  • Easy access hydraulic level check.