Bobcat Telehandler - T35105 IIIB

The T35105 is a 10 m compact telescopic handler available in two different versions. The T35105L incorporates the frame-levelling system.

True Compact middle lift models, the T35105 and T35105L supply outstanding performances in the class of Telescopic Handlers


Machine Details

An easy-to-use machine means better performance, higher productivity and, ultimately, safer operation. The T35105 and T35105L models feature the latest in this field with the implementation of a wide range of features.


  • Ergonomic controls array ensures all vital machine controls are within arm’s reach – providing an extra level of safety and operational control
  • Digital display provides easy and quick overview of the machine’s performance
  • Continuous frame-levelling angle on LCD display – when leveling function is activated, the LCD screen automatically shifts and shows the angle
  • Semi-automatic wheel alignment provides automated assistance to the operator, ensuring the wheels are always aligned when changing between the 3 steering modes
  • Battery disconnect


  • Higher cab ensures optimum visibility all around
  • Larger rear-view mirror opens the rear-view field of vision to give the operator better spatial awareness
  • Curved front window provides better visibility of the attachment at height
  • Cab door with window above and below handlebar for optimum visibility when manoeuvring close to walls or other obstacles
  • More open cab environment helps prevent operator fatigue


  • Forward/Reverse control on the joystick provides maximum control of the machine at your fingertips
  • For even greater safety and productivity, operator selects the driving direction at the touch of a button, while still keeping a grip on both the steering wheel and the joystick


  • New cab designed with the operator at the centre provides an exceptional work environment with a new level of comfort
  • New generation control panel improves ease-of-use of machine features
  • Adjustable steering wheel column for maximum operator comfort
  • Comfortable mechanical or air-suspension seat

The new T35105 and T35105L compact telehandlers provide a new level of confidence…confidence in the machine, in its performance and safety, and in its robustness. This is achieved by applying the rigorous Bobcat development standards across all functions on these new models.


  • New generation cooling package ensures smooth and stable control of the hydraulic oil temperature and optimises hydraulic hose life
  • Complete protection of the tilt cylinder within the boom head ensures minimum risk of damage and maximum operator safety
  • New generation wear pads for better wear resistance
  • Safe and smooth management of over-speed ensures maximum durability and uptime
  • Implementation of optimised electronics architecture
  • • New generation hydraulic routings within the frame reduce potential leak points (such as fittings) by 18%
  • IP67 rated controllers on the hydraulic main valve


  • Maximum Uptime – the Active Diagnostics of the hydraulic main valve monitors 3 critical parameters (spool position, voltage control, and sensor monitoring):
    • Spool position – if the spool is requested to be open and it’s not open, the spool is turned to neutral – ensuring full control of movements
    • Voltage control – if harness issues arise, the spool is moved to a neutral position to prevent any unexpected movements
    • Sensor monitoring – continuous monitoring of the sensor itself, so that, if it fails, the spool will be turned to neutral
  • In the case of hydraulic failure, the system ensures that the machine remains within safe limits


  • Box-welded frame to meet rough terrain conditions and intensive use
  • Shielded bottom plate along the entire length protects vital components
  • Reinforced Quicktach carrier
  • Smart boom design for optimum use and maintenance
  • Protected road lights in C/W

True compact middle lift models, the T35105 and T35105L deliver outstanding performances in the class of Telescopic Handlers.


  • Best-in-class compact 10 m Telescopic handler
  • Optimal steering capabilities, with minimum steering angles, make the machine extremely maneuverable and easy to position at any job site
  • Very short turning radius with no rear overhang
  • Where the wheels go, the machine goes


  • The front oscillating axle piloted by a hydraulic ram is used as a conventional frame-levelling device:
    • +/- 6°up to 50° boom angle
    • +/- 2°above 50° boom angle
  • Thanks to the machine’s overall stability, and whatever the boom angle, the hydraulic ram proportionally controlled can be useful to side-shift