Bobcat E62 Excavator

The Bobcat E62 is a zero tail swing design compact excavator with an operating weight around 6.2 tonne. This model features the same cab used on the Bobcat E85, offering great comfort in terms of operator environment, leg room and visibility.

To accommodate the customer requirements this model offers the optional steel tracks, long arm including additional counterweight, blade cylinder load holding valve and the third auxiliary hydraulic lines.



  • Roomy cab
  • Excellent visibility
  • Reduced tail swing design
  • Front positioned LCD display
  • Enhanced digging forces
  • Smooth hydraulic operations

Machine Details

Large and comfortable operator environment
The Bobcat E62 is a reduced tail swing design compact excavator with an operating weight around 6.2 tonne. This model is equipped with the similar cab used on the 8 tonne compact excavator offering great comfort in terms of operator environment, leg room, air conditioning and visibility.

Clear and functional LCD operating system
The operating system is located in front of the operator to provide all the required information within sight. The 5.7″ LCD colour panel provides all kinds of additional functionalities, such as auxiliary hydraulic settings, maintenance diagnostics and keyless capabilities.

Versatile auxiliary hydraulics
In terms of auxiliary hydraulics, both the first and second auxiliary hydraulics are standard installed on this model and are propotionally controllable in two directions by the joysticks. The flow of the auxiliary hydraulics is adjustable in order to operate any kind of attachment.

Easy maneouverability when leveling
The travel motors are standard equipped with the auto-shift feature to enhance the maneuverability of the model especially for turning and levelling activities, since it automatically shifts down during heavy loads.

Safety features which facilitates regional requirement
The standard boom and arm load holding (safety) valves will support the dealer to apply for a lifting certification and an optional load holding valve is offered on the blade, which would eliminate the blade floating feature. This feature supports the operator to easily level the ground

Market leading fuel efficiency
The engine automatically idles the engine when functions are not used and for four seconds and returns to normal operating throttle when operation resumes, which improves the fuel efficiency. The integrated refueling pump will support the operator to fillup the fuel tank by pumping fuel from any reservoir.